About Randy

     Randy Alberhasky is the father to five children who attend Rountree, Jarrett, Parkview and the St. Joseph Catholic Academy, where he also serves on the School Board. Randy and his family have lived in the Rountree neighborhood for 15 years and he has been actively involved in the community with his children as Cubmaster of Cub Scout Pack 11 (Rountree/Sunshine schools) and as soccer coach for his daughter’s YMCA teams. He is an active supporter of many local charities such as the Southwest Center for Independent Living, the St. Joseph Catholic Academy, several local PTAs, Isabel’s House and Kid’s Chance.

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     The son of parents who both grew up on farms in Iowa, Randy benefitted from their firm belief in education as a key to success in life. Even though neither of his parents themselves obtained a college degree, they managed to put Randy and his 3 siblings through college, a testament to their belief in education, which they instilled in their children.

     Beyond his family life, Randy is a lawyer and owner of The Alberhasky Law Firm, PC, who has dedicated over 20 years of his life to representing injured employees, their children and their spouses. He has never run for a political office before and isn’t seeking election to the Missouri House of Representatives as a means of employment. In addition to serving on the St. Joseph Catholic Academy School Board, he also serves on the Board of Governors for the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys. This fall, his firm will be sponsoring the first ever MU Law School Veterans Clinic in Springfield, a free outreach program by the MU Law School that assists veterans in applying for and obtaining disability and medical benefits. Prior to graduating from the University of Missouri Law School in 1994, he received his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Iowa in 1988 and worked for three years as a Bank Examiner for the F.D.I.C.