Our Keys to Prosperity

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     Two of our largest local employers are the Mercy and Cox health systems. Expanding Medicaid services to our veterans and their families, to workers over the age of 55 and to college students is not only the right thing to do for the health and welfare of our citizens, but would provide an immediate and powerful boost to our local and state economies. As a lawyer with a background in economics and a career dedicated to representing injured workers, I can personally attest that there is no greater threat to our working families and veterans than a lack of access to healthcare.


     There is no reason why our elected officials should receive gifts from lobbyists. Period. We cannot allow our political system to be continually corrupted by the influence of lobbyists. Moreover, running for public office should not be a career path to more lucrative employment as a lobbyist. After their political career is over, our elected representatives should be permanently banned from serving as a paid lobbyist before the Missouri Legislature.​

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     We must fully fund education in Missouri. Our schools are the backbone of our society and our economy. We must invest in our children and our future. We can do better.


     Our state’s transportation system is at a nexus. Missouri is at the center of our nation’s transportation system, but for too long we have neglected the upkeep of our infrastructure. Because of low interest rates, now is an opportune time, like no other in our history, to invest in our roads, bridges and green ways in order to provide a safe and healthy platform for our businesses and communities.